Robert Haas

Masters of Their Universe

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Imagine the sheer joy of wandering through the grasslands of Africa in search of priceless secrets to success in business (and life itself). Masters of Their Universe takes its readers on a fascinating journey in which the four-legged denizens of the wild emerge as professors in the art of survival in business.

After a brilliant investment career, author Robert B. Haas achieved international acclaim as a National Geographic photographer, blending two widely divergent careers. In Masters of Their Universe, Haas advances the compelling view that the wilds of Africa are fertile ground for unearthing precious lessons for our own success.

Twelve separate chapters—each introduced by a simple, one-sentence “secret”—are devoted to core business and life skills, such as astute decision making, choosing the right partner, allocating precious resources, tipping the balance in negotiations, and knowing the difference between the spoils of victory and being spoiled by victory. Each secret is supported by gripping anecdotes from the author’s photography days and his business career.

Masters of Their Universe bears little resemblance to any business volume or life-skills book you have ever read before. Instead, it is an easy-on-the-eyes montage of scenes from the boardroom—where fortunes are at stake—to the wilds of Africa, where life and death hang in the balance.